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Everyone Working Together — Making the Transition


Your recovery is clearly based on your specific healthcare needs. Our team will conduct a thorough review of your pre-event abilities, and we will continue to assess your abilities throughout your stay.

Assessments may be done in a number of areas such as caring for yourself, climbing stairs or handling your medications. We will also discuss what your goals are before going home – making sure that we include anything that you will need to make a successful and safe transition. Our interdisciplinary team will hold care conferences with you along the way, and we will keep you informed as to your progress towards your goals.

As your discharge nears, we’ll make sure you understand the problems to watch for and what to do about them. We will review your list of medications with you and make sure that arrangements are made for any medical equipment you might need. We will also be happy to talk with the people who will assist you when you are discharged. We want to educate them on your needs, goals and progress as well as any tasks requiring special skills like changing a bandage or giving a shot.

Our caring professionals are here to make your transition to your home a smooth one. We  are more than happy to answer questions and provide assistance to you during your stay with us.